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Hi, I'm Caitlin

Intimate Communication Coach, lover, mother, adventurer, workshop facilitator, and theatre-maker.

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My Vision

My vision is for authentic, embodied intimacy to spread like wildfire across the globe.

And with it, we all return to our whole, true nature...

We return to Love.


My Approach

I guide you into deeper connection with your body, and give you a vocabulary that supports you to express yourself from that embodied place.


I teach you a set of tools and models for clear, transparent and graceful communication which you practise with me until you feel confident to take them into your relationships.


I provide you with opportunities to engage intimately with your own inner world and with me, through embodied expression, dialogue, play, and radically authentic connection.


You’ll join me on a journey into self-discovery, delight in the liberation of your expression, and release blockages from your energy system and muscle memory.


You’ll experience the healing and transformation that naturally occur through exquisite, authentic, embodied intimate communication, and feel ready and excited to bring your experience into your own relationships.

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