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The communication you need to create the deeply fulfilling intimacy you long for.

Come home to the aliveness of your full expression, and become equipped with the essential communication tools to make love happen.

The course is for men, women and couples who are ready to deepen connection and create healthy, blissful intimacy.

Make Love Happen

For Real, Extraordinary Relationships


You want intimacy that’s safe, secure and allows you to be yourself. You also want intimacy that’s alive, ecstatic and meaningful. Both get to be your reality.


You’re simply not willing to compromise your true self anymore. You’re ready to relate in a way that’s grounded in transparency and honesty. To not only feel safe and secure to be completely YOU, but celebrated and cherished for it too.


Yes you want stability, comfort, commitment and longevity, but only if it’s coupled with your joy, purpose, passion and full alignment with your body, mind and soul.


Confident communication skills grounded in your full embodied expression

The Make Love Happen program gives you a set of clear, concrete tools for communicating effectively in intimacy, to co-create a relationship grounded in safety, truth, and the ability to navigate conflict with grace. 




It takes you on a unique journey of self discovery and expression, into deeper union with your body, empowering you to release old relating wounds, increase your energy flow, and ignite a more passionate, playful, sacred and sensual connection with your beloved.


A 12-week private coaching program for men, women and couples in which you’ll learn, practice and embody confident, authentic intimate communication so that you can create the deep, authentic intimacy you long for.


  • Experience a truly embodied connection, getting out of the head and relating more deeply alive to your senses, energy, intuition, emotions, spontaneity and playfulness.

  • Create a safer and wider intimacy container that embraces your vulnerability and full transparent self-expression for an exquisite balance of safety and freedom.

  • Find more self-awareness and spaciousness in areas of conflict, and turn every disagreement into an opportunity to deepen your connection.

  • Embody and express your desires more openly, and boldly, enhancing your life and relationship with forward momentum and expansion.

  • Increase your awareness of the energetic dance in your relationships, to intentionally bring more meaning, passion and aliveness to your communication and physical intimacy.

  • Be centred firmly in your personal power and celebrate each other’s individuality, putting an end to power struggles and releasing old patterns of pleasing, hiding, avoiding, blaming and defending.



The 12-week course includes 15 hours of highly-personalised one on one coaching with Caitlin, in person or online from anywhere in the world.  It takes you through a specially-designed arc of transformation, encompassing 4 phases of development that begin with the foundation of your embodied expression and finish with you feeling powerful and equipped with the essential intimate communication skills.



  • You’ll receive:

  • 12 weekly 75-minute personal coaching sessions, in person or online

  • Video tutorials and PDF lessons Self-empowerment tasks between sessions

  • Audio guided meditation downloads

  • Support via messages between sessions

  • Life-time access to the Make Love Happen App with learning materials and ongoing guidance.

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